About Us

The experts in CCaaS specializing in Genesys Cloud CX

We design, deploy and maintain CCaaS infrastructure and we specialize in implementation and managed solutions for Genesys Cloud CX

Why did UCC Tech start its own support offerings for Cisco UC and Genesys Cloud CX?

We saw companies with Cisco Unified Communications systems and with Genesys Cloud CX but without staff to efficiently maintain and operate these systems. We also encountered many clients who wanted to ensure that their CCaaS and UCaaS systems were kept running but could not afford the cost of upgrading the system to the latest versions. UCC Tech developed software and solutions that were designed to mitigate these risks. If you are in this situation, please talk to us about how we can help.

When did UCC Tech start?

In 2014, a group of Cisco Collaboration CCIE’s started UCC Tech to help companies get expert and experienced help to deploy and maintain their UCaaS and CCaaS Systems. Over the years, UCC Tech has been helping many businesses reduce the cost to operate their Communications Infrastructure and provide the expertise to keep the system running effectively. We have many ex-Cisco and ex-Genesys engineers with the expertise to support your environments. UCC Tech prides itself on having all members of our team certified with Cisco and Genesys at various levels.

Where is UCC Tech Inc located?

Our operational headquarters are in Toronto, and we have people across Canada, United States , The Caribbean and Latin America