These courses are customized per client requirements – designed to match your infrastructure and implementation. Case studies from various field deployments will be used to illustrate and greatly enhance course content. Current trends and best practices will be discussed for each construct within Genesys

These are not the same as the courses offered by Genesys. If you want the standard course you should contact Genesys for a subscription.

Genesys Cloud CX Administration
Genesys Cloud Contact Center Administration introduces the fundamental concepts and major components associated with the Contact Center feature set of the Genesys Cloud platform. The course also provides an overview of the Genesys Cloud interface and presents scenarios to facilitate your understanding of the administration of a contact center. After completing this course, you should be equipped to implement Genesys Cloud Contact Center within your organization at a basic level. You will also gain a familiarity with daily contact center monitoring and administration tasks.
Genesys Cloud CX Implementation
The Genesys Cloud Implementation course provides an overview of the Genesys Cloud environment and describes the components that need to be configured when creating a new contact center. The course also introduces the terminology used in Genesys Cloud as it relates to common terminologies used in contact centers.
Genesys Cloud CX Architect
The Genesys Cloud Architect course equips users in building basic and advanced call flows to enhance customer experience in a Genesys Cloud contact center. The course also describes the user interface of Architect and explains the different types of call flows that you can design. You will also learn how to determine the most suitable call flow based on your contact center’s requirements.
Genesys Cloud CX Reporting
Genesys Cloud Reporting and Analytics data provide insights into the efficiency of the customer service process in a contact center. This course covers the reporting capabilities in Genesys Cloud and explains how reports work, how to choose the ideal reports for specific requirements, and how to manage reports. In addition, the course describes Performance Dashboards and dynamic views, which provide valuable insight into current and historical performance for agents, queues, interactions, and more.
Genesys Cloud CX Quality Management
The Genesys Cloud Quality Management course explains how to monitor, assess, and improve the quality of interactions and efficiency of agent performance. The course also equips you to perform Quality Management tasks such as interaction evaluation, scoring, and calibration. In addition, the course helps you define quality policies and describes the reporting options available for Quality Management.
Genesys Cloud CX Outbound Dialer
The Genesys Cloud Outbound Dialer course introduces the outbound dialing features offered by Genesys Cloud and equips you to create a complete campaign. The course also provides information on how to make the best use of Genesys Cloud features to run successful outbound dialing campaigns. The labs provide hands-on experience in creating campaigns, sequencing and scheduling campaigns, assigning callable time sets, setting up contact list filters and Do Not Call (DNC) lists, configuring call limits, creating rule sets, mapping wrap-up codes, and so on.
Genesys Cloud CX Workforce Management
The Genesys Cloud Workforce Management course covers the fundamental concepts associated with maintaining the workforce and optimizing their work performance in a contact center. The course also introduces the various Workforce Management features and tools that help achieve operational goals in an organization. In addition, this course explains the primary activities of Workforce Management, including forecasting workload, planning work schedules, managing agent time and adherence, and monitoring and analyzing historical data.
Genesys Cloud CX Scripting
The Genesys Cloud Scripting course provides guidance to create contact center scripts, that assist the agents to process inbound and outbound interactions. The course also describes the script editor interface and explains the types of scripts you can design. In this course, you will also learn to create complex scripts and get familiar with industry best practices related to scripting tasks.
Genesys Cloud CX API
The Genesys Cloud API course provides you with the basic concepts for Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Genesys Cloud APIs available to access from a client application. This course introduces you to the list of Software Development Kits (SDKs) available for Genesys Cloud and how to use them. Also, you will be introduced to Genesys Cloud’s Developer Tools for testing your environment’s API endpoints.