CUCM Backup services
We provide 2 types of backup services in our backup solutions. We automate all your CUCM backup services using the Cisco DRS tools and we have our custom server backup tools that can restore a damaged or destroyed UC virtual machine in 15 - 20 mins. Our staff will verify that all the backups have successfully completed on a weekly basis and restart any backups that failed. We also provide automated offsite replication of your backups for disaster recovery
Managed services special
We are please to offer an incredible introductory rate for Professional Services to manage your Cisco UC infrastructure. We are offering 10 hours of PS for $1000 US/CAN monthly. We will use this time to perform moves/adds/changes , health checks, any maintenance you request until the time is depleted. Normal PS rates apply after the 10 hours are used.
Is your Cisco UC infrastructure out of date, are you at risk of not getting support from Cisco. We will have your system patched and up to date in no time and at am unprecedented cost. Request a quote today and update your entire UC infrastructure.
UCCE Upgrades
We have helped many clients upgrade their UCCE infrastructure to current versions while upgrading the Windows 2008 R2 base platform to Windows 2012. If your UCCE base OS is still Windows 2008/R2 you have until January 2020 before support ends form Microsoft. Request a quote today and we will have your environment patched and updated before the deadline.